Yacht management services

Our Yacht Management Service is an opportunity for boat owners who want peace of mind, knowing that their investment is being looked after. We offer monthly system checks, such as running the main and auxiliary engines, testing all ship systems, checking batteries, and actuating thru-hull ball valves. These checks ensure proper operation when you need it. We take care of your boat during times of inclement weather, handling dock lines and fenders. We ensure that your investment is safe, sound, and turnkey.

Additionally, we provide captains and crew services. Moreover, apart from the attentive care we provide, we offer access to the best network of marine services, including mechanics, electrical technicians, air-conditioning, heating, and refrigeration specialists, fabricators, and woodworkers. We have everything you need for your investment.

We have the resources and reputation to ensure a prompt response and timely repairs for your investment, allowing you to fully enjoy your day on the water. Our services enable you to contact us at any time, ask questions, and receive information about various activities such as fishing, cruising, and whale watching. We strive to become a trusted and integral part of your boating family.

Our extensive network, skills, and reputable standing are invaluable. We understand the challenges boat owners face when something goes wrong and the difficulties of finding a responsive mechanic or technician who not only answers the phone but also schedules and performs the necessary work to promptly restore your boat’s functionality. By utilizing our services, you benefit from our established relationships with vendors, allowing us to prioritize your boat’s repairs and expedite the process.

Our monthly services are available at highly competitive and affordable prices, tailored to the size of your boat. We provide expert consulting to ensure that you receive the appropriate mechanic, technician, or repair professional for all required services, offered at reasonable rates. Additionally, we offer in-house repairs whenever possible, and our hourly rate surpasses that of any competitors. This invaluable service grants you peace of mind at all times, whether you are just a block away from your boat or located hours or even a state away from its storage location. You can rest assured that your investment is always safe and well looked after.

Service package tailored to fit your precise needs

Our management team provides a comprehensive tailored service across the board, including a proven 24-hour emergency response service, berthing, operational management, technical support, crew, accounts, safety, and security. You are never on your own with our team by your side.

All your yacht management needs are provided in-house

We have the most qualified and established yacht management team in the industry. We have over 30 years of experience in managing motor and sailing yachts from 40-150m and over in length. Our extensive yachting expertise guarantees that your yacht and interests are in safe hands.

Personalized service from a dedicated yacht manager

Providing a direct link between you and our entire team, your personal yacht manager ensures all operational, technical, and financial needs are handled with the utmost discretion. The safety of your yacht, guests, and crew is our highest priority.